Hump day is going minimal with: Sunbeam42, and AKB #Ambient #Minimal #Drone

I’m in an unusually minimal mood this morning. Also, I’m up very early today so need tracks that won’t wake the house. Here’s a couple that fit the bill from Sunbeam42 and AKB.

Sunbeam42 is an American producer who delves into a range of styles from mainstream EDM to more experimental sounds. This is gently the latter. Mystery Universe is the track. It’s a short but rather lovely ambient IDM piece taken from the Journey EP. This offers an experimentation soft enough to accompany your morning coffee. The opening bobbles the synths around in a vein that harks back to some of the more melodic early Warp tracks of the 90s. This gives what is otherwise an ambient track a delightful edge. It’s all quite spacey and suitably psychedelic. I rather wish it were longer. Delightful.

AKB is Anna-Karin Berglund from Gavle, Sweden. Her work is delicate neo-classical ambient of the wispiest variety. And Skymningszonen (tr. Twilight Zone) is a beautiful example. Soft tones held for hours across a subtly shifting landscape. It’s taken from the album Marianergraven. Her album has been remixed and includes this remix from Manaten.

Manaten is the name for Swedish East coast producer David Holm. He clearly comes from a more club based background. The rework takes the original track for a fashion makeover. It emerges from its ambient chrysalis into a delicate dance butterfly. The Skymningszonen (Maneten Rework) is a rare thing in that the original has in no way been spoiled. It’s been subtly enhanced. The beats are there and feel totally natural rather than showing the join of an ugly weld. There’s a joy and lightness in the track’s synths turning twilight into the rosy fingers of dawn.

The original

~ by acidted on April 29, 2020.

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