Ambient Sunday does House with: indigos paradise, ochre mouret, and Shibui Nigai #House #Downtempo #Garage

Ambient Sunday comes with a house beat this morning courtesy of tracks from indigos paradise, ochre mouret, and Shibui Nigai.

Indigos paradise is Brian from the USA, a nineteen-year-old musician who combines underground deep house, pop, and hip-hop. That confusing mix of influences is what makes panty wetting Leakage such an interesting track. There’s a bit of old school Detroit techno in the beats, some deep house smoothness in the synths and the surface noise of classic hip hop. It manages a dreamy swirling sense to benefit from headphones while having enough propellant from the beats to offer socially distanced dance floor potential.



Ochre Mouret is a London-based producer with influences that range far wider than the UK. On you and me there’s a slow ethereal sense of far, far away. There’s a hint of sadness mainly provided by the sampling of the traditional Thai Khim/Kim instrument. It offers an almost dulcimer sense to the track. There’s a smidge of Four Tet in the way that tradition is combined with an unashamedly modern heavy kick and rim rhythm. The vocal samples have a keening edge without resolving into something I could make out. This keeps that beautiful quality of ‘other,’ allowing the track to be near but also tantalisingly out of reach.

Taken from the Big Ocean, Big Ocean, Daniel Floating Upside Down; Small Ocean EP

And so to Shibui Nigai. This is a producer from Italy. As for the name, he explains, “Shibui in Japanese means “astringent”: the feeling you get from eating lemon or drinking special red wines. Nigai means “bitter”.” Nothing so face puckering on Green Deal. This is a lovely leftfield track. It brings in bits of Burial style dubstep and ambient vibes with insistent drums to offer what he calls a “mind journey.” There’s bass providing an unusual melody line alongside the synths. It’s all sunny dreaminess. The beats offer a dappled effect like a walk in a springtime forest. This Green Deal is restorative for the soul.

From the Providing Relief EP

~ by acidted on May 24, 2020.

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