We have all things for you today: Padre Tóxico, the Lemongelli, and RMSX #Dub #HipHop #DrumAndBass

Let’s get blending today with dub, hip hop and drum and bass. The artists on point are Padre Tóxico, the Lemongelli and RMSX.

Padre Tóxico, despite the name, is from Poland. He’s got a background of your standard sort of hip hop artists like Dr. Dre, 2Pac, and Nas. In more recent times, he had that same wave of excitement strike him when he discovered electronic music from musicians such as Jon Hopkins, Kiasmos, Synkro or Stimming. And that combo is so apparent on the rather lovely Jazz Infused. Taken from the Life Supplement release, this is a trumpet led track that reeks of late nights and smoky bars. Hip hop lounge music so pure you could use it in gene splicing. Beats are lazy but insistent. It’s all terribly beautifully done with electronics used to enhance the lead lines rather than overwhelm them. Groovy daddio.



the Lemongelli (Mike Lemongelli) is a NJ-based producer. The track is the dubalicious Bubble Hash. This dubs itself on the keyboards and some unusual synthetic drum patterns before breaking off into electronic squiggles. This is the heroism of the terminally stoned. A dub reggae symphony in Ableton. It’s a lovely parping track that isn’t particularly troubled by how things ‘should’ sound. It more revels in the simple joy of sounds colliding in a riot of colour and shivers of pleasure. Music for sunny afternoons and cold beers.

And so to Ukraine for RMSX and some breakbeat junglism. The track is Vespertine Drive which is a Bjork kind of title. But this isn’t arty electronics, this is old school, really old school, jungle beats topped off by breakbeats and all inset with modern electronica. There’s the fleetness of foot that you want from the jittery beats and bass lines. Meanwhile, the electronics offer melody quite unaffected by the beat-driven chaos around them. A track that works as both a bit of old school fun and as a more electronica focused track. Lovely combination.

~ by acidted on May 27, 2020.

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