Moving the 90s with: John Tejada – Moving 909s (Remix by Plaid) #Techno #IDM #Classic

Just the one track for you this morning. Although it’s a bit of a two for the price of one since you have two 90s legends John Tejada with Plaid on remix duty. The track is Moving 909s and it’s like all the best bits of 90s techno mixed with all the best bits of 90s IDM.

Plaid (Andy Turner and Ed Handley) are of course a brilliant IDM act born out of the ashes of The Black Dog version 1 in the early 90s. They’ve had any number of releases on Warp Records. Their stuff is unashamedly electronic and machine made but has always had a warm analogue edge. John Tejada on the other hand is one of those names that I’ve heard of but couldn’t immediately tell you anything by him. I always assumed he was a West Coast American but he was in fact born in Vienna. He’s been releasing tracks since the mid-90s. This track is released on his own Palette Recordings.

The original track by John Tejada is a techno house affair. It’s full of house rhythms alongside some deep techno blips and bloops. All very early 90s. OF it, John says, “Limiting the options and just creating and manipulating a batch of samples is my happy place.” The title track hints back to a personal favorite, Optical’s “Moving 808’s [see end of post].” There’s something quite minimal and spartan about the approach used. Gives the whole thing a clean feel. Plaid on the other hand turn this into a Plaid track. They take the original and resample it. There are extra layers add so this moves from a techno place into 90s Warp style IDM. There’s a verve and a pace to the track alongside keyboards that clang happily around like a refugee from an Orbital album. They give the track a new focus alongside the 90s and bring out the warmth hidden in the original. This is my happy place.


~ by acidted on May 28, 2020.

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