Dirty duo with: Eue, and Wilson KnickIt #IDM #Acid #House

A couple of tracks that offer something a bit dirty in their approaches. For Eue it’s wonky beats and for Wilson KnickIt it’s a big bass.

Eue is from France and specialises in big bass lines. And you get one of those on Sorryo. But it’s set in a wonky IDM setting. Full of angular corners and odd pointy bits. Sounds slither and squirt in your ears. It’s all a thrillingly disorientating. Taken from the Glyphomass EP this is IDM brought bang up to date. There’s enough melody here so nothing is too unpleasant and the softer synths give this a warmth that helps with the more mechanical sounds. Proper sonic landscape to enjoy.

And so to Brighton, UK based producer Wilson Knickit. In addition to enjoying puntastic names, he’s also one third of Funk & Soul Club residents Sir Funk. But, thankfully, funk is in short supply on this remix from Don Dayglow.

In The Mix takes its place on 90s leftfield house tracks. It’s pitched as acid house. But only if you stretch the definition. There’s no acid here. What you have is a bit phat house track unencumbered by modern fripperies. It’s a big dance-the-night-away track with proper stick-your-head-in-a-bass-bin appeal. It’s built around a deep elastic bass that dominates the track and allows everything else in the track to go round or under it rather than through or over. That centrality makes this a hip shaking choon. Your weekend starts here.

~ by acidted on June 12, 2020.

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