Ambient Sunday with: Ivan Kamaldinov, Lauge, and Wu Cloud #Ambient #Drone #Electronic #NewMusic

A triple bill of Ambient for your Sunday from Ivan Kamaldinov, Lauge, and Wu Cloud. Goes from drone to experimental.

Ivan Kamaldinov is from Russia and returns after an absence of eighteen months. He offers Noir taken from his forthcoming album Llande. This is three minutes of blissed out sounds. It’s a massive whack of beatless drone. Hard to believe it’s such a short track given how slowly it unfolds and how long tones are held. It’s a complete head shower of a track. A sort of musical sedative that stops you in its tracks. A beautiful shaft of sunlight in the gloom. Let this light your way.

Lauge (Henrik Laugesen) is from Denmark and has spent a career exploring ambient sounds. Here’s Amalthea, the opening track from his album Oceanography on Spanish label Faint.

As the album title implies it’s a water washed piece with the focus on the hushed shushing of waves. This is interwoven with IDM drones that don’t disguise their mechanical origins. It extends itself across eight and a half beatless minutes giving a wonderful contrast between the organic and the machine. It’s the music of grey lowering skies and the stillness of the Haar.

Wu Cloud is a Melbourne, Australia producer. But Merak (Peacock Dance) is a result of travels in Sumatra and Indonesia. He describes travels as “aimless” and that pervades the track. It’s all quite unstructured and follows a seemingly random path. Like raindrops down a window pane this moves along but it’s interested more in the journey than the destination. It’s almost Buddhist in its approach.

The sounds wheeze around. Synths comes, make a fleeting statement and then disappear. Birdsong is twisted around. It’s the jungle but processed through electronics. It’s found sound but never quite letting you forget the surround of the studio. It has an experimental meditative air. And, really, doesn’t much care what you think as long as you’re prepared to surrender control for the duration of the ride.

Taken from the album Pulsa Rimba


~ by acidted on June 21, 2020.

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