Triple Chill hop with: Padre Tóxico, PJhasBeats, and Caleb Elias G #HipHop #Chill #Instrumental

A triple bill of instrumental hip hop tracks. All head noddingly good stuff from Padre Tóxico, PJhasBeats, and Caleb Elias G.

Poland’s fabulous Padre Tóxico returns with Lil’ Bit Funky from the Life Supplement album. The beats are slung low and woozy. There’s a bit of stoned brass but what makes this track tick is the little noodles of jittery and funky guitar. Like the chilli in your dish this tickles the taste buds and spices things up without ever burning them away. Another utter delight of a track. Wonderful.

Do PJs mean pyjamas in the USA? I’m afraid it’s what I thought of with PJhas Beats. But perhaps that’s ok since this is sweet sleepytime music. PJhasBeats is a beatmaker from Seattle, Washington. Specializing in boombap, lofi, hip hop tracks with soulful jazzy elements. The track is Biscotti from his Cannatonic album. The beats are lazy boom bap, with a bit of surface noise for that old school feel. It’s all a bit jazzy with the Rhodes and especially the fabulously lazy guitar and sax honks that drifts the track forward. It’s only 1:54 but time feels stretched when you’re within it. Get chilling.

And so to Caleb Elias G from Toronto, Canada. Study Break is another super slow track. A touch of almost classical here with the gentle piano that ripples through the track. Beats are modest and kept in the background. This is all about calm. A soothing influence on your life. Taken from the Ego Dissolution EP this tune hides within a little slide guitar. It’s like a fine whiskey that lets the track slip down even more smoothly.


~ by acidted on August 3, 2020.

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