Don’t let the electronica confuse you: Toxic Positivity – Autechre #Electronica #MinimalTechno #Ambient

Don’t be confused by today’s offering. This isn’t Autechre. That’s the name of the track. This awkward minimal techno is by Toxic Positivity.

Toxic Positivity describes himself as, “your local, free-range, bedroom producer.” But considering he’s from Sacramento that’s not terribly local to me. At least one change of buses at Willesden I’d have thought. Anyhow, he’s got an improv background that expressed itself in an aesthetic that, “each track is unique and produced from a live performance of synthesizers, and sequencers, primarily surrounding the Deluge. About half synths, half sample-based. Besides mastering, no software is used.”

No idea why the track is called Autechre. There’s no obvious sense of homage to the Sheffield innovators. The track is a nice ambient wandering IDM track with a minimal techno thing going on. It shimmers with analogue warmth and hisses in all the right places. The beats are half heard shuffles. The whole thing has a valves and tubes feel, held together with sticky tape. And that’s part of its charm. It teeters on the edge of falling over. It never quite does. And by the end you feel the world is a better place. These days, you can’t ask for much more than that.

From the album Strange Elevator Music (Spotify)

~ by acidted on August 12, 2020.

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