Just chilling with: Koresma x Andrew Rothschild, Barstool Astronaut, and Frasco #Electronic #House #Chill #IDM

A triple set of chilled but gently leftfield tracks from Koresma x Andrew Rothschild, Barstool Astronaut, and Frasco.

Koresma (Ryan Lindberg) and Andrew Rothschild are both American and have both appeared here before on various lovely and chilled tracks. But never before together. The track is Alpine. It’s a wonderful mix of electronic and organic. The electronics click along with the shuffled beats and glitched sounds. But the organic comes from guitars which have less of an Alpine outdoorsy feel than a bit of porch based rocking chair noodling. It’s all deliciously laid back and lazy. They say that, “Alpine is a great tune for hikes through the woods to chilling in your hammock. .” I think I’ll stick to the latter.


Bandcamp ($1)

Barstool Astronaut (Michael L. Schneider) is from Los Angeles via Denver.  He has a background as a drummer and operates across a range of electronic genres – hip hop, IDM, ambient and post-rock. The track is Between Souls And Cities and it has a mix of those genres. That gives it an engaging but slightly slippery quality. Just when you think you’ve got it sussed is slides off into something else. There’s gentle chilled tinkling allied with post-rock guitar shards. There’s almost but not quite hip hop rhythms and beats that don’t seem to follow a conventional 4/4 pattern. It’s all rather strangely lovely.



Frasco is a new young producer from Italy. He says that his work is in the vaportwitch style. But I’ve not the foggiest what that means. Seems, as far as a I can work out, to be a chilled version of IDM and bass music. Anyhow, the track is Riflesso (tr. Reflections). It’s a jittery, almost trap, undercarriage overlaid with some gentle bass music. Gives it a psychedelic dreamlike quality. An over-tired but over-caffeinated tune. This twitches along even as it tries to lull you to sleep. A dream of spiders and endless electronic genres. And perhaps because it doesn’t try to take too many liberties in the flow a rather satisfyingly chilled and deep track.

~ by acidted on August 19, 2020.

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