Deep minimal house with: Drew Dapps X Womack – Universal Connection #House #DeepHouse #MinimalHouse

Few tracks come with soft furnishing advice. But this one from Drew Dapps X Womack does. Can your home stand up to its requirements?

Drew Dapps is a Music Producer and DJ based in San Diego, CA. He is known for his Deep, Minimal, and Tech House influenced sounds. But of Womack I know nothing. And deep minimal is what you get on Universal Connection. It’s one of those massively chilled tracks which make you want to look out to sea or into sunsets. It’s chilled and dreamy in a spaced out kind of way. Beats scatter around with bits of clicking wood. There’s a dub sense to the electronics and a profound vocal somewhere half-heard. And that’s the point. This is all about the mood the track creates rather than the track itself. Lovely evening chill.

As for soft furnishings, the accompanying blurb says, “This enlightening deep house tune was made for a sunset in southwestern Ibiza, in a day club with Egyptian cotton chaise lounges, fire pits, and Italian lights. The atmospheric synths, abstract percussion and rhythm motifs pair well with mango White Claws and old fashions.” I’m not sure my old wicker chair and lumpy cushion quite hits the mark. But I prepared to make do and neck some home made gin instead.

From the album Vinyl Cuts’ Essentials Vol 1

~ by acidted on August 20, 2020.

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