Ambient Sunday with: Dyb, and John Hayes & Maxy Dutcher #Ambient #Drone #House #Electronic

A couple of ambient tracks from America North and South in the form of Dyb, and John Hayes & Maxy Dutcher.

Dyb (Diego Masarotti) is a musician from Argentina. The track is Entre Luces Y Sombras (tr. Between light and shadow). It’s a gently chiming track that carelessly hides an experimental edge. The electronics almost remind you of guitar strums in a Spanish style. But there’s also a childlike lullaby quality to the tinkling tones. It’s soothing and slightly edgy at the same time with its hissy background. A really lovely meditative ambient piece.

This track is part of the second compilation from Templo Animal Records, a collective and netlabel that showcases experimental electronic musicians from Latin America. It’s available on Spotify and Bandcamp (name your price).

Next, from the USA comes John Hayes & Maxy Dutcher with Arch Dance. This combines pianist / producer John Hayes and electronic musician Maxy Dutcher.

The phrase neo-classical is bandied around rather too much. And too much of it unsuccessfully tries to stick beats and electronics on piano and strings. This is one of those rare successes. Arch Dance is a really beautiful fusion of beautiful delicate piano chords with electronics that click and clatter and reverb around in harmony and sympathy. Gives the track a quality that surpasses neo-classical and ends up somewhere much more profound and lovely. A track of iridescent beauty.

From the album Borealis (out of 25 September).


~ by acidted on August 30, 2020.

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