Midweek downtempo with: Ioka – Moment #Downtempo #Electronic #Chill

Sometimes the middle of the week is a moment to push on. Sometimes it’s a moment to look back. And sometimes it’s a moment to reflect. This is one of those. On Moment Ioka offers us a downtempo chance to pause and stare.

Of Ioka we’re not to know much. The accompanying biog offers things like “Ioka was born on a farmyard in the mountains high up in the clouds. He is small but he can fly.” Fine. As for the track, it also has moments of whimsy. But not in an ephemeral manner. This is all about inventiveness.

The track has a slow gentle intro like the rising of Dawn. It then jumps into action with a wheezy sort of organ sound set against nice and crunchy beats. It’s an optimistic almost whistlable tune. Bumps its way along in a cheering fashion. This is a look around and a celebration if the here and now. This is the love of little things. And there’s nowt wrong in that.

From the Moments release

~ by acidted on October 14, 2020.

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