Drunk on Terpenes with: Mountain Soundsystem – Forest Bathing #Downtempo #Electronic #Ambient @mtnsoundsystems

This morning it’s downtempo electronic with a green tinge from Mountain Soundsystem.

Mountain Soundsystems is a Seattle Washington based, “electronic music producer, livetronica performer, and event curator. Fusing elements of electronic music, natural organics, and the rave underground.”

The track is Forest Bathing focusing on breathing in terpenes from forest air. Have you heard of Terpenes? I hadn’t. Turns out they’re “a large and diverse class of hydrocarbons, produced by a variety of plants, particularly conifers. They often have a strong odor and may protect their hosts by deterring herbivores and by attracting predators and parasites of herbivores.” Thanks Wiki.

The track is a 90s style psychedelic ambient of the type produced by Amorphous Androgynous. It’s full of swirling synths and tribal beats. It’s as intoxicating as the title suggests. A big day-glo parachute waving up and down. It’s painted faces and dungarees. It’s woodsmoke and pine resin. Synths have an acid smear and ethereal vocals hover on the edges. This is big. Huge. Drink it in.

~ by acidted on November 16, 2020.

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