Ambient Sunday with Microcosm, and Ningen #Ambient #Drone #Chill #ChillHop @ningen-music

I hope you’re up for a restful Sunday. If so, here’s Microcosm and Ningen to provide the soundtrack.

Microcosom is a Glastonbury, UK based alternative soundscape artist, specialising in creating expansive and atmospheric musical landscapes. Except this is a sescape. Deep Dive is the sound of the depths. It’s a combination of almost sonar like bass dubbing combined with some watery strings. This is the sound of the slowest deepest part of the ocean. A strange netherworld of a track. This is the sound of deep blue.

A change of pace with Germany’s Ningen and a change of scene. From the sea to the forest and from drone to chill. Ningen says, “I make jazzhop, chillhop and lofi.” And chillhop is what we have on Evolving. It’s a lovely two minute chill track appearing as a single ahead of his new album L I F E, out next month.

Evolving has lazy b-boy beats accompanied by guitar that drawls along without ever getting too close to jazz. It’s an earthy, woody track of damp mulching leaves. A tune that has nature slowing for the winter. Perfect for your hibernation soundtrack.

~ by acidted on November 29, 2020.

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