Premiere: cosmic spaced time with Hamparsomian – Faux Gamma #Ambient #House #DeepHouse @hamparsomian

Here’s a premiere of a lovely deep house ambient track Faux Gamma by Hamparsomian.

Hamparsomian is William Hamparsomian from Stockholm, Sweden. Faux Gamma is part of a two track release with Local Group. It’s a six minute cosmic journey, although it has that suspended in time feel. Starting beatless, chords are held for light years as the electronics ever so slowly wind themselves up for action. The track them allows the beats to take it something more purposive but still terribly hazy and dreamy in a gentle deep house kind of way.

All this cosmic wandering sensation make sense when you realise that of the track Hamparsomian says it was, “born in a creative streak that took place during the end of “the great conjunction”, an 800 year cycle of Jupiter shaking hands with Saturn. The tracks are shaken by the vastness of it all. They represent a journey from start to end and then to the start again.” Whether you want the further astronomical reaches of the solar system or simply to explore yourself within, all of that is here. And there’s more, much more. A beautiful deep house track that acknowledges its ambient roots.

~ by acidted on February 26, 2021.

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