Reducing IDM anxiety with: ROAMS – Breathe #IDM #House #Chill

Anxiety comes in many forms. And music can help. It certainly does me. My music matches my moods. Here’s ROAMS with Breathe if you’re anxious about the week ahead. Some uplifting IDM to encourage you that things will be better.

ROAMS is London-based producer and photographer Jake Longley. ROAMS is the music side of a photography project called ‘Scenes From Films That Don’t Exist’. ROAMS is the soundtrack to these photos.

A track entitled Breathe rather made me assume something soothing and chilled. Not so. This is music on which to focus your attention. The beats are stabbed out like the heartbeats they represent. Around that is wonky and hazy IDM sounds. They have a bit of an edge from the treble and strings. Unsurprising that ROAMS says it, “was written during a period of high anxiety for me. One of the techniques I learnt to help control anxiety is to focus on the detail, see what you can see in a room or a space and let the feeling pass you by.” Once the track has your attention and focus it does shift down a gear to something a bit more soothing but never quite soporific. Music in which to concentrate your anxieties and attention. A late night IDM invitation to explore the darkness and not be scared.

ROAMS says that “The photograph that is used as the cover was taken during the first weekend of the pandemic in London shortly before a full lockdown was announced.” Looks like the South Bank near Waterloo/RFH to me.

~ by acidted on March 21, 2021.

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