Ambient Sunday with: Cloud Tangle, Njordlyd, and Chris Other #Ambient #Drone #Electronic #Experimental @cmfaarvang

A transcontinental Ambient Sunday today with tracks from Australasia, North America and Europe via Cloud Tangle, Njordlyd, and Chris Other.

Cloud Tangle is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Amber Ramsay from Brisbane, Australia. They quote influences such as, Thom Yorke, Beach House, James Blake and Warpaint. The work has a melodic and often dreamy quality. And that’s what you get on Swells.

Swells is the title track to a new album. It’s a gentle electronic overture. Synths throb hazily as a keyboard lazily navigates its path. The mood is early morning awakening. Beatless but with hi hats for company this gradually unfurls across two minutes. Take a moment to enjoy.

Chris Other is a Brooklyn-based composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and ambient musician. New Morning is the Opening track to his new Til We Feel That Hope Again EP. He says that “Like many, I sometimes feel overwhelmed when there are too many thoughts racing around my head, so I tried to capture the sensation of starting a new day and accepting, calming, and balancing your thoughts through breathing or meditation.”

This may have origins in piano and guitar. But everything has been put through an electronic blender to deliver something much more tasty. It manages to be quite a calm and calming piece despite everything being just a bit off centre or out of focus. The sounds have roughened edges giving the track a certain opacity. The piano is there but heard as if far off at sea. There’s a shushing hushing sound that offers an enveloping reassuring quality. The world is kept at a distance. A heavyweight musical duvet for the soul. An ambient security blanket for the mind.

To Europe for Danish musician Njordlyd. He describes himself as, “a creator of thoughtful and mellow musical landscapes, organic compositions and harmonies, combined with experimental beats and micro sounds.” He quotes influences such as Future Sound of London, Björk, Burial, Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Massive Attack, Portishead, Biosphere and Trentemøller. That means his work has an analogue sound and isn’t afraid to divert down the less travelled highways and byways.

His new single is Circles. Much of his work has a more visual inspiration and starting point. And Circles is no different. He explains that, “the sounds also reminds me of a magnificent “Circular Ride” (dark ride) from an Amusement Park in Copenhagen (Denmark) called “The Flying Trunk” (in Danish: Den flyvende Kuffert) and consists of a “continuously-moving” chain of vehicles (trunks). During the ride, the visitors pass several scenes displaying/depicting fairy tales from H.C. Andersen.”

But this is no Disneyfied track. It’s a darker, more emotional experience. Sounds are built around a set of drone tones that have a heavy, slightly menacing quality in places. And they also have a slightly deep classical quality in the way that there are ‘movements’ within the track. It’s an unhurried set of strings, chimes and experimental sounds that all combine into a thoughtful whole. That seriousness is explained by the track’s other source, “Tivoli is a place I visited pretty often with my family. The attraction opened in 1993, the same year my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She died in August 1995, and this attraction is one of many strong memories connecting to her. This was not really what I imagined at the beginning of the process of making this track; however that is how it developed.”

~ by acidted on April 11, 2021.

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  1. Good stuff, all 3.

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