Experimental DnB with: Red Ran The Mathematikal – Illiquid #DrumAndBass #IDM

Time to delve into something that experiments with form and style with Red Ran The Mathematikal and his dark flavoured drum and bass track.

Red Ran The Mathematikal is a multi-instrumentalist from Sri Lanka. He says that he’s, “inspired by the seemingly opposite spheres of nature and technology. He takes a scientific approach to constructing breakbeat and drum & bass rhythms. These are coupled with ambient soundscapes inspired by the mountains and seas.”

Illiquid is the title track from his new two track release. It’s an attempt to subvert the liquid drum and bass sound. He says it’s, “an attempt to create a track that sounds like the polar opposite of a liquid drum ‘n’ bass tune.” I don’t know if it quite succeeds in that ambition, since what you’re given is a rather lovely piece of dark jazzy experimentation on the liquid drum and bass style.

Opening with strings that have a flavour of China or Japan, this ambient soundscape is undercut by a menacing far off bass drone. Cymbals crash and jazzy chords arrive before the hi hats and bass take this into territory explored by the Samurai Red label. This is drum and bass given an IDM spin but not forgetting its jazz roots. He’s not a fan of the IDM label but it does rather fit, since it has that experimental Warp edge to it. Ultimately, it’s a brilliantly executed track celebrating a minimal drum and bass style. Clever, clever stuff.

~ by acidted on April 20, 2021.

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