Ambient Sunday with: CaliCronk x Lo-Fi Luke, Padre Tóxico, and Private Agenda #Ambient #Chill #StudyBeats #IDM

A triple bill for this Ambient Sunday long weekend (here in the UK). Tracks from CaliCronk x Lo-Fi Luke, Padre Tóxico, and Private Agenda with a remix from Seahawks. Styles go from chill, through IDM, and out into drone.

Sweden’s Lo-Fi Luke returns to these parts in collaboration with US-based CaliCronk. The track is Divinity. This is chill hop at its best. Beats slowly thud around in a languid manner. Keyboards tinkle like the pitter patter of rain. Everything’s all soporific. I wouldn’t normally post a track that’s less than two minutes. But somehow these two have made it worth it. God is in the little things, I suppose.

Another returnee is Poland’s Padre Tóxico. His usual work is in the study beats space. But Reward System Revisited explores new IDM pastures. Taken from the album The Tripping Point, for which it is the last track, this is IDM ambient given a new transfusion. This is a three minute journey back to the early 90s and the backroom spaces where time and space didn’t matter. There’s a bit of Seefeel here, some comedown The Shamen there and even a bit of Mixmaster Morris magic. It’s has a dreamy slightly psychedelic edge to it all with that lovely IDM wheeziness. A total trip.

Finally, a newcomer in the shape of Private Agenda with a remix by Seahawks. This is ambient drone of a high quality.. Private Agenda is Sean Phillips and Martin Aggrowe, who describe themselves as, “based between London and Berlin.” Their work has an electronic pop quality but the remix has taken it to different places.

The track is Malanai Ascending. I think Malanai is Hawaiian for the gentle blowing of the northeast wind. And it also seems to mean serene. And that’s what you get here. The track is taken from the album Submersion. This is a collection of musical re-imaginations, what they call, “a series of deep dives” based upon tracks from Private Agenda’s first LP, Île de Rêve (2019).

Manalai Ascending is the final track on the album and mixes birdsong (like good ambient should) with a bass synth that reaches down into watery depths and back up again. There are plucked deep strings. But the whole thing is held together by some shimmering guitar reflecting sharp sunlight. There’s a bit of Fripp and Eno here. It’s a hazy psychedelic ambient wave-lapped journey. A vision of untouched tropical beach paradise.

~ by acidted on May 2, 2021.

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