Relax into the weekend with: Unknown Operative – Undercover Love #Chill #StudyBeats @unknownopmusic

Did you ever want to be James Bond? I’m not sure I did, despite enjoying the films. He got beaten up too often and that looked too painful. Explains a lot about my career as a bureaucrat. Unknown Operative on the other hand clearly did and shares the more seductive side of the films with the sophisticated hip hop lounge of Undercover Love.

Unknown Operative discloses little about himself other than he’s from the UK and, “combines a love of vintage television, ambient electronics and beats into a unique brand of lofi hip hop/study beats.” Undercover Love is the first in a planned series of twelve monthly releases. Let’s hope he can keep the quality up over time.

Undercover Love is pitched as, “Music for James Bond to chill to.” And that’s pretty much spot on. Opens with a bit of guitar that has the slight twang of the famous opening Bond music. But adds some soft chords for that dimly lit late lounge seduction. And beats to keep things from getting too relaxed as there’s baddies to be fought, a mission still to complete, and world domination to be avoided.

~ by acidted on May 8, 2021.

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