Do you want some dubby IDM? Check out OKAYOKAYOKAY – Speed Jobs #IDM #Dub

Different sounds soundtrack different days. Yesterday was beautifully sunny and warm. A lovely day by the river including finding a stretch of gravelly ‘beach’ in order to have a paddle. Were also lots of teenagers there playing terrible trap tunes. They should have been playing OKAYOKAYOKAY’s Speed Jobs to allow a better mix of summer chill and raging teenage hormones.

OKAYOKAYOKAY is is an Australian born producer who spent the last 5 years in Berlin. He says his music, “draws inspiration from 5am escapades, long stretches of laying on the floor, and artists ranging from Roza Terenzi to The Armed.”

He’s learned well. Speed Jobs is a brilliantly executed mix of dubby and slightly proggy keyboards and synths offset by some awkward and clattery beats. Gives the whole thing a welcome yin and yang sense. The keyboards reminded me a bit of Spooky’s Stereo (below). But the inventiveness of the beats take you back into a Warp 95 vein but also forward into the future. It adds an element of ‘Berlin cool’ to things that contrasts nicely with the warmth of the keyboards.

A soundtrack for tales of the riverbank.

~ by acidted on June 2, 2021.

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