You gotta live right. You gotta chill right: Human Centerpiece x Thèmemoir – The Collision (Bastelbande Remix) #Chill #Electronic #Downtempo

Chill turned all the way up to 11 by Human Centerpiece x Thèmemoir in a remix from Bastelbande.

Back in 1999 I was travelling for work quite a lot. Meant too many evening in unknown cities across the UK with nothing to do. Eating alone in a restaurant’s never been my favourite thing so I used to trawl record shops where they were open late. Moby was someone who’d been around for ages but never really done much for me. But I’d heard his fifth album was supposed to be ok. In the absence of anything else to buy I bought it.

Play was the album and it got played over and over again for the next 12-18 months. I was obsessed by its gentle chilled sounds, organic house style and the floating old vocals laid on top. That may seem like a bit of a formula now but it felt so fresh then. But I then reached the point of saturation and it went into a cupboard never to re-emerge.

The Collision as remixed by Bastelbande connected to all those lost feelings from 20 years ago. The track is by Human Centerpiece x Thèmemoir from The Sum Of All Destruction (Remixes) EP. Bastelbande are originally from a small town near the border of Berlin, and comprise producer duo André Meyer and Mathias Wilhelm. The track has that yearning old gospel-ish vocal element allied to a mournful piano line. The beats are crisp and precise giving the track a strong centre. That allows the melancholy to swirl around it. A trumpet line gets added later for that woozy lost-in-the-moment feel. Quite delicious.

~ by acidted on June 8, 2021.

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