Joyous IDM PREMIERE from: Naut – aperture #IDM @nautmusicuk

Ending the week with an IDM premiere from UK artist Naut.

Naut is also Darwen (aka producer/instrumentalist Jordan Riding). His work is often in the IDM space using recorded instruments, captured sounds & modular synthesizers mixed with programmed drums. And that’s apparent on aperture/bitter end, his first single since 2017. It’s taken from his new album a digital ocean of colour which is out later this year.

aperture is three and a half minutes of wheezy electronics alongside childlike melodies. This is very much in the 90s Warp Records style of IDM. But it has an unashamed air of cheeriness that allows it to gambol around happily and even to have a couple of false stops. The beats have a robust metallic clatter and the electronics hiss and fizz. It’s bounciness eventually ends slowly like the clockwork instrumentation ran out of spring and needs rewinding.

Bouncy beautiful brash beats.

~ by acidted on July 2, 2021.

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