Ambient Sunday with: Nymad, and Ambiensce #Ambient #Drone #Downtempo

Ambient Sunday welcomes something new and the return of a downtempo producer I’d thought lost.

Nymad marks the return of the prodigal son. Last seen here in 2018, Jose Wills is back with Some Sun. Nymad is from Colombia, via London and now lives in Manchester. He produces delicate and fragile downtempo tracks. And delightfully Some Sun is in that place, as if the past thee years never happened. Welcome back, Sir.

Some Sun opens with a shimmer of modulated synths offering an almost phased guitar sound against some gentle beats. It’s all terribly hazy and sun-kissed. Nymad says, “Some Sun initially had loads more drum elements to it, but in the end – taking them all away and making it a more ambient, opening track, was really what made it”. A good choice. This is the fuzzy edges of a comedown in the streaming morning sun. A late psychedelic tour of the mind. Beats come and take you more into the reality of the day. But nothing can quite erase the warm memories of what went before.

Ambiensce is Paul de Konkoly Thege from Berkley, California. He says that, “Ambiensce is a dream: a long moment of something (un)stuck.” and that, it was “born from the discovery in June 2018 that two analog delay pedals stacked astride a looper could warp the inputs into sometimes soft and often strange infinitudes.”

Soft and strange is most of what you get on shut in (home is in my head), taken from the debut LP schliessongs. This contains, “five meditations on a world bent inward.” (“schliessung” is a German polyseme meaning “closure”, “shutting”, or “ending”, but also “breaking-up” and, crucially, “forming”.) Perhaps inevitably the album is a focus on the lockdown part of Covid.

shut in (home in my head) is the burbling rushing of water alongside delayed guitars. It has that sense of a lost moment in time. Without the patience to listen it could be a bit noodly. But it evades that trap skilfully with odd electronics that blip, bleep and disappear. Sounds come and swell at you, offering an embrace but which doesn’t quite avoid the lurking anxiety of the bleeps and the drone.

It’s a still meditation in a seething electronic noise.

~ by acidted on November 14, 2021.

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