Still in chill with: jacuzzi jefferson x JG Torisset, and Bassic #Chill #Downtempo #StudyBeats

Sticking with the study beats today we have a transatlantic pairing of jacuzzi jefferson x JG Torisset, and Bassic.

First up we have the mix of UK/USA in jacuzzi jefferson (Brooklyn, NY) and JG Torisset (Bristol, UK). They’ve produced an EP over Zoom having never met in person. Here’s Kontiki, the EP’s title track. The full EP is out in mid-December.

Kontiki is totally lush. It opens with woodblock beats and some electric organ chords. This sets the chilled tone which is accentuated by an almost choral backing. The track tinkles along on electric piano notes and achieves a weightless vibe. This is as warming as they come. Perfect for an autumn day.

Bassic is John from the USA who is open about being in recovery from addiction. Beneath the Surface is a peaceful track. Josh says, “this song means a lot to me and was released on my 4 year anniversary of leaving rehab (finally for the last time) after 6 years of heroin and opioid addiction.”

The key to Beneath the Surface is balance. This track delivers a downtempo balance between a Fender Strat, Moog subsequent 37, Behringer Synth, and a Roland electric drum set. That’s tricky. Most artists would have allowed the track to settle on one thing. Probably the guitar. Bassic doesn’t take that easy path. This gives each element their own space but blends them into a harmonious whole that gives beats, synths, and guitar an equal weighting. That delivers something rich, deep and satisfying. Fine work.

~ by acidted on November 20, 2021.

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