Ambient Sunday was beginning to wish it felt a lot like Christmas with: Paul Cousins, and Beats In The Bank #Ambient #StudyBeats

I saw my mother yesterday. She not usually a ray of sunshine but she was surprisingly enthusing about how she’d had a little snow and had delighted in walking in it in her garden. Her childlike pleasure was as sweet as it was unsettling. There’s been no snow where I am but I can try and imagine with two crystalline ambient tracks from Paul Cousins, and Beats In The Bank

Paul Cousins is a Producer / Composer / Engineer from London, UK. The track is Afterimage. It’s a hazy piece of drifting ambient. Like the falling of powdery snow through a misty window everything is tantalisingly out of focus.

Paul explains that, “Afterimage was created using 2 reel-to-reel tape machines, with a 58 inch tape loop running between them. Fluctuations in machine speed created an asynchronous conversation which results in a meditative soundscape.” Normally, that would mean a tune that had more experimentation than was good for it. Not this time. This is utterly delightful. It’s a mix of warming drone, hazy sunshine and analogue tones that connect the past to the present. A dreamy ambient reverie.

After intimations of snow here’s the real thing with Beats In The Bank. This Norwegian producer offers Snow-fi. A track that sets the tone from the outset by opening with the sound of footsteps crunching through snow and then offering reassuring nostalgia with a modern edge.

Snow-fi takes a gentle keyboard alongside the some background strings and things that get an awful long way towards reminders of I’m dreaming of a White Christmas before veering off with the solid thud of low and slow hip hop beats. This is all terribly hot chocolate and slippers. But oh soo brilliantly done. Time to break out the marshmallows and the open fire.

~ by acidted on December 5, 2021.

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