Chilled Monday trio with: Kingless, Ogi Feel The Beat, and Benny Seos #Chill #JazzHop #StudyBeats #Downtempo

A triple set of chilled beats to start the working week from Kingless, Ogi Feel The Beat, and Benny Seos.

Kingless is a band created by a group of friends and co-workers working in the nightlife/service industry in Hoboken NJ. In March 2021 the Covid-19 pandemic had turned their lives upside down leaving them jobless and with much more time on their hands than anticipated. With this newly acquired free time, the bartenders and bouncers would often FaceTime each other to talk about life, existence, and the meaning of it. At some point the idea of forming a band was mentioned and that’s the story.

The featured track is Raised Wrong. The unusual title is explained as follows, “I was on a date that turned into a 5 alarm trash fire and when I apologized for how bad it was she turned to me and said “It’s not your fault that you were raised wrong.”” Out of adversity comes this really cracking track.

There’s a lovely piano line giving the track a bit of melancholy and pathos. Whereas there’s also a trumpet giving it that backing brass blast of moving on positivity. The beats are firm and the whole thing has a jazzy swing. If you have to have a bad date then let’s hope all have as good a postscript as this wonderful track.

Serbia’s Ogi feel the Beat (Brnić Oleg) is getting to be a regular here. This time he’s back with Collecting which is a free download on Soundcloud and Bandcamp as part of the Health Collecting album.

It’s a lovely warming thud of a track. The beats have a heaviness that’s welcome in an age of lofi tinny beats. There’s a lightness added through the use of a lovely acoustic guitar line alongside a strummed guitar riff. There’s nothing too layered here and that gives it a campfire simplicity. As Ogi says, “This song shows us how the simplicity and freedom of life are important to our civilisation”

And so to Calgary, Canada with Benny Seos. He’s a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer and instrumentalist whose first release was in 2020. Here’s new single Noom Lluf. And it’s an accomplished release. There’s a real confidence and skill on display.

Noom Lluf (Full Moon backwards) mixes study beats with trap and just about gets away with it. The beats have that ultra heavy sub bass alongside the jittery hi hats. The skill here is to pitch the bass low but not allow it to dominate. This allows the sweet, slow synths to weave their magic. It’s all terribly dreamy and lush. A romantic track but without saccharine romance. Pretty impressive stuff considering it’s his first Lo-Fi Hip-Hop instrumental beat.

Look up and dream on.

~ by acidted on January 24, 2022.

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