Ambient Sunday is looking for inner peace with: Mythic Joy, Mike Mitch and Padre Tóxico, and Ogi feel the Beat #Ambient #HipHop #TripHop #StudyBeats

A triple bill of chill in search of inner peace from Mythic Joy, Mike Mitch, and Padre Tóxico, and Ogi feel the Beat.

Mythic Joy (guitarist, Ryan Judd, and multi-instrumentalist and producer, Jon Modell) returns with Sharing The Joy. As before, they say, “they are donating a percentage of their profits from this project to an amazing non-profit called Lucy’s Love Bus that provides free music therapy services for pediatric cancer patients.”

Sharing The Joy is built firmly around the delicate sounds of Ryan Judd’s guitar. It has a laidback lounge strummed and shuffly feel. A little tinkling piano accompanies the guitar along with some washed-out beats. This is a tune for lazy Sundays. For the sun in an unbroken blue sky. A hammock, a garden chair, a bit of a snooze. Perfection.

Also returning is Padre Tóxico but this time with Mike Mitch. Padre Tóxico is of course a regular here and Poland’s fines study beats export. As for Mike his biog says, “Born and raised in Harlem, NY, the music and culture played a big role in influencing Mike Mitch’s love for the craft.”

Their shared track is Give Me Life. This comes in a vocal and instrumental version. I’m, of course, going for the instrumental. The track is a rich woozy stew of all things mellow. It’s a lush mix of laidback beats, gently rippling synths and a thrill of ivories. A late-night urban dream of sophistication. Come the morning it will all be stale cigarettes but for now, you move in the demi-monde you beautiful thing.

Finally, to Serbia and Ogi fell the Beat. He’s got a new album Peacefull Calling out now for free download from which comes Hold On To Hope. Of the album Ogi says, “Give it to your friends, let’s the idea of a peace surround us, as a sound, I am sending to you into your speakers and headphones.”

Hold On To Hope is a deep deep bass wobble with low slow hip hop beats. There’s a bit of one note piano, some bongos, xylophone, and a bit of brass. It’s a deeply relaxing track with the bass throb slowing your pulse in dark and mysterious ways. Quite meditative in one sense since it forces a bit of inner reflection. Calming sounds for a peaceful future.

~ by acidted on April 24, 2022.

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