Ambient Sunday with Padre Tóxico, and Oversteer Beats #Chill #StudyBeats #Downtempo @PadreToxico

Ambient Sunday is having a bit of a study beats moment with Padre Tóxico, and Oversteer Beats.

Poland’s Padre Tóxico has become a bit of an AcidTed favourite over the last couple of years But while he turns out tracks as delicate and beautiful as Lo-Fi-Hi I’ll keep on posting.

Lo-Fi-Hi is a simple affair, as all the best chillout songs are. There’s a typical lo-fi beat and the rest is a sort of background blur. It’s a hazy melange of fragments of guitar, strings, ripples of sound and good vibes. It manages to eschew a conventional hook in favour of an overall hazy throb. And that will do just fine. If it’s sunny where you are you’re in for a treat.

Leaving Europe for Melbourne/Naarm, Australia we find Oversteer (aka Oversteer Beats). But the mood is just as chilled here on Kane. He says he’s “been producing for 10 years and have spanned across trance, techno, house, chillout, and of course beats.” This track is all chill.

Kane is “an instrumental inspired by Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist’s 2020 album Alfredo.” And it’s gorgeous. There’s a slow thud of old school hip hop beat paired with tickles of acoustic guitar. Almost spaghetti Western in its approach this track reeks of sun, sand, and gimlet-eyed men with cheroots. There’s a little trumpet in there to give it extra drama and pathos. Cool stuff.

~ by acidted on June 5, 2022.

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