Chilled triple bill with: Lo-fi Riderz, EVDN., and NEICO #Chill #Downtempo #Ambient #StudyBeats #Electronic

A pre-Friday triple bill of chill from Lo-fi Riderz, EVDN, and NEICO.

Lo-Fi Riderz is a producer from Switzerland who appeared here last autumn. New track lost is another rather beautiful and charming track.

It’s built around a lovely use of lazy slow acoustic guitar. This wanders around prettily, in keeping with the lost nature of the track title. The beats give the track an element of grounding but the lo-fi nature of them and their slow thud accentuates the dreaminess of the track. Almost hidden in the background is a little hushed piano rounding out the track and keeping the warmth inherent.

Definitely a track to chill and let yourself get lost in.

EVDN. (Evden Dimitrov) is a jazz bassist and experimental electronic musician from Bulgaria. His biog says (in a slightly freeform jazz kind of way), “Just like the music he’s creating, his journey feels cosmic, and both guiding and non-directional at the same time.” He takes inspiration from a diverse range of artists including Duke Ellington and Hans Zimmer, Bonobo, Thundercat, Trent Reznor, and Junkie XL. His debut album, Tension/Release is scheduled for the Autumn but in the meantime that jazz and beats combo is apparent on new single Warrior.

Warrior is both downtempo and epic. It’s also jazz and electronics. And a battle for supremacy between Vladi Michev’s trumpet and Rado Kazasov’s drums. The trumpet is first out of the blocks with a thrilling blast of jazz brass before the drums come thundering after. The drums are a real monster on the track, setting a furious tumbling pace. The trumpet kicks back into more downtempo dreamy places with a bit of electronic accompaniment. It’s all quite Go! Team and Bonobo in that optimistic, heroic stance.

Unleash the warrior inside and strike a pose with this thrilling piece of electronic Bulgarian Beat.

And so to NEICO. This is a young producer from Italy who has been producing music since 2015 with styles ranging from Psytrance and Techno to lo-fi and chill. Here’s a lovely chilled release called Forever With Me.

Forever With Me has a delicious haze around it. Synths offer gentle arpeggios and the beats are few and far between. This gives the whole thing a really dreamy air with bits of reverb and echo. It’s not quite dubby in the conventional sense but as if a dream is bouncing around a large room. The fragments of ethereal vocal only add to that dreaminess and sense of magical realism.

Star sprinkled lo-fi chilled magic from NEICO.

~ by acidted on June 23, 2022.

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