Midweek Study Beats double with: Citra Daydream, and Carri and DruiZ #Chill #StudyBeats #LoFiHipHop

After the rain some sunshine. Here are a couple of sunny chilled tracks as accompaniment from Citra Daydream, and Carri.

Citra Daydream is from New York. They’ve done a lofi hip hop cover of Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne (2003). The original track’s power pop vibe isn’t really my thing. And sad to say I hadn’t been aware of the Rachel Hunter-starring video accompaniment or the puberty frenzy of the original.

The Citra Daydream cover is a world away from power pop chords and deserves to exist in its own right. No guitar chords here. Just some rippling xylophone and running water. Some languid trumpet-type sounds for a lead vocal replacement. No raging hormones here. Simply a deliciously smooth chill with just a hint of sultriness.

A post-puberty study beat delight.

Next, we have Carri and DruiZ. They met up in their teenage years in Bogotá, Colombia, where their love for music was born. In 2005 Druiz moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Carri moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The single Coraza (which means, “to protect” but in the sense of armour) is a product of their long distance collaboration.

The track has a slightly wistful air but is filled with a kind of 90s chill of the Peter Kruder sort allied to some background Spanish vocal and some electronic top end sounds. They say “The single features lyrics that talk about letting love into your life and are inspired by quotes from Gandhi and are narrated in Spanish. “Deja que el amor te toque y no te alejes de el” which translates to “Let love touch you and don’t get distant from it”.”

It’s chilled but energisingly inventive. A guitar offers a bit of a lead hook that gives the track a delightful smoothness and offsets the firmness of the beats.

~ by acidted on November 24, 2022.

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