Ambient Sunday – Njordlyd – Dark Ride #Drone #Ambient #Electronic #NewMusic

Another Ambient Sunday but as we approach the shortest day of the year the lack of light is getting to me. So here’s some dark droney Ambient consistent with my mood.

Denmark’s Njordlyd appeared here previously with Circles. This along with other tracks have been remixed into a new gloomy dark direction on new album Getting Closer. Dark Ride is Circles remixed.

Dark Ride is Biosphere mixed with early Future Sound of London on Fax label. It’s a dark dank watery experience. Tones are held as water rises ever higher. This is the circling onrushing darkness about to envelop you. The fragments of angels’ breaths are eyeless gargoyles staring you into oblivion.

A great track. Don’t have nightmares.

~ by acidted on December 11, 2022.

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