Ambient Sunday triple bill with: Khris Riley, Jakliu, and No Time For Tapes #Ambient #Chill #Downtempo

Been a bit of a strange week so haven’t been able to post for a few days. To make up for it here’s an Ambient Sunday triple bill from Khris Riley, Jakliu, and No Time For Tapes.

Finland’s Khris Riley returns with a totally summery track Garden of Eden.

This features lots of guitar at the centre but a truly ethereal vibe. The guitar is deliciously acoustic but processed into something more heavenly. The beats are hip hop but suitably lofi and kept back in the mix.

This is warm and comforting. It’s a mix of only good things. The guitar hook keeps chiming and makes downtempo properly uplifting.

A new artist here is Jakliu (Jack Lewins). Jakliu is a 27-year-old Electronic artist from Dublin, Ireland. Working from his bedroom, he creates music that is both melancholic and atmospheric. And that melancholic feel abounds on new track Far.

Far is a mix of a piano line which is always heading downwards and hissy squirts of electronics. The beats have a bit of Bicep but only if they were on a massive comedown. There’s something reassuring about the melancholia – even the “you’ve reduced me to ashes” line. It doesn’t shy away from knowing that everything isn’t always upbeat. It understands that you can only enjoy the good times if you’ve endured the bad.

Beautiful work.

And finally to another returning artist, No Time For Tapes. No Time for Tapes is based in Erfurt, Germany. He is writing tracks inspired by nature and everyday life. Lots of nature and folk tropical sounds on new release Lakeside.

Lakeside takes acoustic guitar kept taut and mixes it with hip hop shouts, trip hop beats and a folk orchestra of sound. This is texturally dense with layer upon layer. But it manages to never feel crowded.

The guitar holds the centre ground as beats thud and electronics offer warm washes of sound as water rushes around. It’s both peaceful and alert. A glitchy dichotomy and uplifts and enervates.

~ by acidted on May 14, 2023.

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