Study Beats with Big Tronic, and Mixhelle #Chill #Downtempo #StudyBeats

A couple of tracks with which to chill from Big Tronic and Mixhelle.

Big Tronic is first up. Ferdinando Liberti Is from Italy and was born in ‘99. This is all we get from him. So, let’s focus on featured track Night Mood.

Night Mood is, as you might imagine, a track for the small hours. Its rich lofi beats leavened by a mournful and melancholic keyboard line. There’s nothing complicated here. Everything is kept pared back and unadorned. This lets the quiet drama of the piano and heartbeat percussion hold you in its thrall.

And so to Mixhelle who is apparently Michelle Lunique. They do a range of trap and hip hop which is too contemporary for me but among that was this beautiful Demo 18.

Demo 18 is only 1:35 but packs a lot in. It’s all built on a guitar sample with a whisper of beat and later some tinkling accompaniment. Full of ascending phrases this uses xylophone to lift the spirits brilliantly.

This is summery, tropical and shimmering with light and a welcoming positivity.

~ by acidted on May 18, 2023.

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