Drum and bass for All Hallows Eve

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Some new drum and bass from Utopia Music, featuring the classy combination of Mako, Fields & Villem.

Break, Mako, Fields & Villem bring Shadowlands. The is sort of appropriate for today since there’s an underlying menace to it all. This is razor sharp drum and bass with real weight and quality production. The other side is from Chromatic with Found You, an altogether warmer experience. Soft keys meld with skittish beats. Like a colt enjoying a spring morning.

If you want more, enjoy this Last Days of Summer mix from Hydro

01. Lynx – Life (Ram)
02. Break – Coming 4 U (Warm Communications)
03. Hydro, War & Mateba – Untitled (dub)
04. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Universe (Metalheadz)
05. ??? (dub)
06. Villem – Do You I Wanna VIP (dub)
07. dBridge & Calibre – Ponderosa (Exit)
08. Fields, Hydro, Mako & Villem – Celestine (Symmetry)
09. SpectraSoul – In For A Penny (Shogun)
10. Joakuim, RoyGreen & Protone – Now Is The Time (dub)
11. War & Mateba – Wake (dub)
12. Hydro & Gamma – Balance (dub)
13. Chromatic – Found You (Utopia)
14. ??? (Utopia)
15. ??? (dub)
16. Tokyo Prose – Ventura (Samurai)
17. Calibre – Wilderness (Signature)
18. Naibu – Close Distance (dub)
19. Enei – Woodrunner (Critical)
20. ??? (Dispatch)
21. Hydro & War – Sagarmatha (dub)

Blurb: Utopia’s 16th vinyl single brings label stalwart Break into the fold once again for a hard hitting roller that has been getting reactions all over the globe since it got leaked into the top DJ’s hands. The A side teams up the Symmetry boss with Utopia label honcho and recent Metalheadz addition Mako, with his long term partners Fields and Villem. The production and weight are unreal whilst retaining a woody rather than plastic aesthetic. The flip sounds like a Lenzman classic but instead is brought to you by rising stars Chromatic. Growing in confidence, they have recently been releasing on Hype’s Playaz label and are producing quality dance floor bass lines without the need for the screechy mid range bass that has become so prevalent in modern drum and bass. Warm bass, beats and keys and no need for much else.

Rhombohedral – fall in love remix

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A techno interpretation of a garage tune. Right good it is too. Free download.

Rhombohedral takes a garage tune from 2000 by EL- B and J da flex and gives it a crunchy, glitchy techno makeover. Everything skitters along. Garage echoes and cuts. There’s a nice amount of clatter and the vocal’s diced.

Here’s the original

I know how much you love our North American Halloween fest

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It’s All Hallows’ Eve tomorrow and Slighter, from whom the post title is taken, seems to think that I have something against the way the US version of Halloween has been adopted in this country. As if I would have called it “That insidious creeping American festival.” or even “It’s those damned Yankees again with their trick or treating (aka legitimised begging/extortion).” Let’s enjoy the simple pleasures of trick or treating tomorrow with a new spooky drum and bass collaboration between Slighter and Wolftek.

The track is a free download. It combines some of Wolftek’s delicate drum and bass with some of Slighter’s harder breaks styles with a bunch of piano in-between. It resists the temptation to douse the result in Freddie samples and is the better for it.

or download lossless from bandcamp



Iteration Corporation

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Recently Iteration Corporation launched a satellite probe which like many of its predecessors adhered to standard manufacturing practices during initial phases of planning and design. During rigorous trial and testing phases following construction based on what have now become widely accepted methodologies, it was realized however that there was a fundamental hinderance to the ergonomics of this design based on excessive human logic that could only be corrected by the introduction of a revolutionary new framework inclusive of newly discovered, emergent and self-evolving technologies which were repeatedly incorporated into the design using patented fractal scaling techniques. As such, traditional methodologies are analyzed from nonlinear timescales and non-logical-deductive-frameworks by the following: Utilizing hyperspace geometric algorithms designed to provide biofeedback to nanoscopic, modular components, the basic structure is designed to invariably self-improve, adaptive to increasingly unknown conditions as the probe moves further and further from its home environment gradually developing and evolving its own unique self-awareness. We at the Iteration Corporation invite you to observe the current position along this trajectory along with the data transmitted back to us at the following link: 

Thank you for your Interest in Iteration Corporation – Implementing continuous adaptive solutions for a changing world. 

Those kerazy Cannucks. Think ambient techno and deliberately soulless electronica.

Fall ’93

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Weird. Plain weird. Andre Agassi does piano house with Discoforgia. Free download.

London v Detoit

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New EP from Elliot Adamson. Let’s see how moving from the grim North to the heady delights of London has affected his music.

The man himself says “The cultural landscape is so different here and it’s really sculpting the way that I look at music.” The Detroit EP is a classily restrained piece of Detroit techno, with just the right amount of bets and groove. There are three remixes. Mike Polar takes it a bit more into deep house territory. The Moonlit Vision remix is a bit more spaced out. Finally, the Farfan remix gives us a bit of Northern bleep. Last word goes to Elliot who says “it’s just completely changing my outlook on music. Nights in Newc last 4-5 hours, nights down here can last twice as long and it’s a real opportunity to show what you can achieve with the music – it’s amazing.”

And if you want a free download, try this Thomas Schumacher remix


Everything Comes In Threes

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Kaiser Souzai are back with some tunes, including a stunning remix for Dave Seaman.

Let’s deal with that Dave Seaman remix first. Everything Comes In Threes has a number of remixes but the Kaiser Souzai is the only one you need. This takes us on a throbbing early 90s techno / prog house adventure. Excellent.

They’ve also done a remix for Benotmane’s Theme. This is slightly more obviously big room fare, with peaky strings ‘n things. The dub is a bit darker.


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