Terence Fixmer : Empire EP

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Terence Fixmer’s new EP is on Planet Rouge but he previously appeared here last year with his Bells EP on Electric Deluxe, who specialise in uncompromising techno. This is more of the same, out next week.

Empire is propelled by a bass that offers a rainbow of colours, all of them black. Descente is like a dub techno track played at 1.5x speed. Rather good. Origins is another up-tempo track but doesn’t quite work as well as the other two. Slower, it would appear, is better in Terence’s case.

Blurb: Terence Fixmer delivers the next offering on his Planete Rouge label with this triple tracker, “Empire E.P” , released the 29 April.(vinyl&digital) “Empire” sees Terence Fixmer in full on techno mode, opening with the formidable bass tones of the title track, pounding straight into action. “Descente” picks up the pace next, driving you on with its percussive layering. Finally, the shimmering ” Origins” closes the EP with equal scorching intensity.

Digital 29.

Ivaylo & Lazy Karma – Like The Sound

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An appropriate title for this four track release.

The original mix has a somewhat soulful, upbeat vibe propelled by an acid-driven bass and repeated vocal samples, all subdued enough to convey a pleasingly mellow, summery feel. In contrast, Jay Tripwire’s intense mix beefs up the original with a mean, thumping beat, soaring synth and reverberating vocal samples before launching into a gloriously funky drum solo midway, the fat acid bass and resonating vocals continuing the journey before finally winding down to naught. Loved it.

Jevne holds on to the solid beat for his mix, augmenting with a rich bass and a jacked up rhythm, the vocals resonating throughout. A spacier aura permeates Omar V’s interpretation, the sharp handclaps, billowing synths and brisk pace producing an invigorating sound with echoes of discos past. Good stuff all round.

Review by D

And have this free downloadable mix

Blurb: Bogota Records returns with their second release, titled “Like The Sound”. Featured once again is Ivaylo, a Bulgarian native based in Oslo, but this time in the company of good friend, and part of the Bogota label family, Lazy Karma. The vocals on “Like The Sound” are cool and easygoing repetitions sampled from Renate, an old friend of Ivaylo also heard on his previous Themes EP. The track starts off with a jingly bounce before unearthing a deep acid bass line, at times featuring well-fitted snare breaks. Vancouver’s very own Jay Tripwire (Poker Flat) delivers a remix that starts off with a chugging bass groove run through the low-pass before allowing the original to peep out in a drum solo-like breakdown. Jevne, a mover from Minneapolis known for playing live bass guitar with his sets and running Onethirty Recordings, techs things up a bit with his remix, taking on a totally jacking feel. Fellow Norwegian capital dweller Omar V (Full Pupp) calls to the cosmos for a much more spacey and Italo-influenced disco remix.

As the name suggests, DJs and dance floors both should certainly like the sound from Ivaylo and Bogota Records. – See more at: http://8dpromo.net/campaign/preview/606#sthash.XpZWujkc.dpuf

Sundeck – A Few Drinks Deeper

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New Forest-20140416-00038

Balearic alert. Vinyl alert. Sundeck takes some sax, some 80s funk grooving and a lazy pitter patter beat in this woozy, late afternoon in the sun tune. The elements individually could almost be described as clichéd. But Sundeck manages to make the whole thing so soothing that you simply don’t mind and let yourself float along. Mine’s a pina colada, thanks.

Also available on 7″ vinyl
Please email plasticfantasticrecords@gmail.com for information

If you liked that, have this free download

Blurb: Our next release comes from St Petersburg (Venice of the north!) based DJ and producer Sundeck. We’ve been following him on Soundcloud for a while and instantly felt his groove. A Few Drinks Deeper is a balearic nugget if ever there was one. The record has a simple but effective structure and a slick soulful mid 80s-styled melody, topping it off with a sassy saxophone bit in the middle. You could almost imagine Tina Turner singing on this! Definately the record for those hot summer nights! :-)



Aye Like

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Scottish synth pop duo PoP Campaign are back with a track from their forthcoming album Haim, out on 1 May. Here’s Aye Like, the opening track as a taster of what’s to come. There’s a very strong KLF resonance here, with the track being uplifting synths set against a list of Scottish towns and situations. It really is grim up the far North.

PoP Campaign are a duo of music makers: Born in Glasgow. Hibernated in Berlin. Now lording it in Londres. Our POPAGANDA: Bright, right and ready for the fight against the pretentious self-importance that plagues the music industry today.

Buy our tunes here: itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/pop-ca…aign/id397973521


Pyrrhic – Bellarius

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Another new tune from Pyrhic (Lee Sanderson). Like last time, this doesn’t fit neatly into any genres. It’s downtempo bass music, with a little digital R&B and garage influences. It’s from The Blue People EP out in May.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pyrrhicmusic
Bookings: Katie@ProspectiveAudio.co.uk

Release Date: 2nd May 2014

Press Release:
Prospective Audio present their first collaboration release between Pyrrhic and Katey. The two first met during a very awkward situation of an alien abduction, when they were travelling over the winter break. They were held hostage by the freaky blue people for 48 hours but were soon confronted with an opportunity which could lead to their freedom. The little blue people challenged the two to a break dancing battle and if they won they could go free. So, the two teamed up knowing that this could back fire as they had never met before let alone danced… yet surprisingly they WON. As the blue people zapped them down into a field in Leeds allowing the two to roam free, Pyrrhic and Katey said to each other if we have such great break dancing energy lets try putting a collaboration together in honour of the blue people who showed us the way.

Live Acid set

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Since we had some uncompromising techno this morning, I thought you might like something a little more soothing to send you to bed. Here’s a live set of pastoral acid from crx091081gb (Robin Price – previously here). Free download. There’s more than a little of wondrous 90s act Ultramarine here.

Recording kindly provided by deXter Bentley at the Hellogoodbye show / Resonance FM. Thanks to Richard, Dan, Tom, Kirsten Knick, Witching Waves and my bro for driving me to the train station despite having a really bad cold.

Listen / dl the whole show here and hear Kirsten + Witching Waves + me make a prat of myself in an interview:



Roman Zawodny – Sins Of Reverb EP

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Welcome to this Easter Monday. Let’s start the week with a bang and some uncompromising techno. For orientation purposes, we have to mention Dave Clarke. If his sort of heavy, blistering techno has ever been your thing, check out this EP from Roman Zawodny.

Sins of Reverb starts with heavy beats, the odd rave siren and a whirl of semi-distorted acid bass. Basically, it doesn’t let up, until it ends. Tools of a Traitor is more laidback, in a relative sense. This focuses on feelings of anxiety from the pitter-patter of hi-hats, until the low, low bass joins just to fuel your paranoia. A jack track. It’s all in your Head ends as it started, with a blur of beats and whizzes but at least there are some soothing synths hidden away. I need a lie down after all that.




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