Odesza – Say My Name (PRES Remix)

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A new remix from PRES. This is of Odesza, previously unknown to me. Seems to be a release on Counter Records (an imprint of Ninja Tune). The original is electronic vocal pop. Not the stuff of this blog. But the remix thankfully dumps most of the vocals, all the pop stylings and unearths a little house gem. Free download.



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Aww… bugger

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Not again. Let’s hope “never say never” comes true. Meanwhile enjoy this free download of Orbitalish sounding Eight Fifty Eight’s 8:58 (Paul Hartnoll)

21/10/2014 08:00:56

Official Orbital Statement

After 25 years at the forefront of electronic music — from house to rave to festival mega-techno, to international dance stardom to the 2012 London Paralympics Opening Ceremony — Orbital brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll announce that they’re hanging up their iconic torch-glasses and parting ways for the final time.

“We’ve had our ups and downs, and it’s not always been easy, but I’ve loved my time with Orbital,” says Paul Hartnoll. “It’s been brilliant that we’ve been able to take our music to so many places, from local clubs to headlining Glastonbury to playing massive events across America, Australia, Japan… It’s been fantastic.

“It was particularly nice to get such a lovely reception when we got back together a few years ago. We made the Wonky album specifically to play live and these shows over the past few years have been a real high point in many ways. The shows and the audiences have been amazing.

“But nothing lasts forever and it’s time to stop. Since finishing the soundtrack with Flood & PJ Harvey for the BBC One television show Peaky Blinders, I’ve now got my own new project, ‘8:58’ which I’m really excited about. It’s a continuation of my work from the past 25 years but with a new vitality taking me on to something fresh, mixed with the best of what I’ve put into Orbital. Expect some live shows soon where I will be playing a mixture of my new music alongside my Orbital favorites.”

Phil Hartnoll is focusing on his DJing career, which has seen him traveling around the world. Most recently he’s played for fans in Thailand, Japan, Korea, Dublin and private parties in New York, France and London. “I am really enjoying playing a mixture of my own exclusive Orbital remixes mixed with some great new dancefloor tracks. I have also been discovering so much talent along the way and look forward to potential collaborations. Orbital has been fantastic, but like the Bond movie – “Never Say Never Again”.

Having broken up in 2004, the Hartnolls reunited to play the Big Chill to celebrate 20 years of their DIY techno classic ‘Chime’ in 2009. Massive demand from fans who’d grown up with Orbital’s groundbreaking live shows led to a triumphant, ever-extending tour, culminating in an appearance before millions at the opening of the Paralympics with Professor Stephen Hawking on vocals.

For more info on Paul’s projects, please visit: eightfiftyeight.com

For more info on Phil’s projects, please visit: facebook.com/philhartnoll

O Squared – Spectre

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A “hard, intense moment of Techno, compiled into 8 minutes.” Sounds just fine for this blog. Delivers on the promise. This is techno as dark, suffocating intensity. Light almost all extinguished. Only the analogue, twisting on relentlessly, remains. Free download.



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I’d never heard of Kormac but he’s been championed by Mr Scruff. And on Everything Around Me from new album Doorstep you can understand why. There’s the intricate downtempo shuffly funk, a bit of Rhodes, a bit of Big Band and a little electronics gluing the samples together.

The rest of the album is marred  by unnecessary vocals. But if you don’t share my prejudice about vocals, go ahead:

Buy it at
Vinyl: www.juno.co.uk/products/kormac-d…rsteps/549895-01/
Digital: itunes.apple.com/gb/album/doorsteps/id923702707

After turning up on Irvine Welsh’s Edinburgh doorstep over 2 ago years with the track ‘Another Screen’ written especially written for him, instead of taking out a restraining order, the generous author took him in, fed and watered him and sent him home with the track complete. Buoyed by the success of this approach, Kormac went on a world tour which took in trips to Texas, Switzerland, London, Wales, Chicago & more, turning up on a diverse range of doorsteps, ideas and gear in hand, with the end result being ‘Doorsteps’, his long awaited second album, following up 2010’s Word Play.

Featuring the likes of Micah P Hinson, Mercury Prize Winner Speech Debelle, Bajka alongside Welsh and many more, ‘Doorsteps’ is the fruit of several Big Band studio sessions which became the backbone of Kormac’s new material, just as the sampled old movies and records had before.

Stonefox – Heart

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Mellow indie pop isn’t really my thing. But this tune breached my defences. It’s not the fragile vocals that did it but the interplay between strummed acoustic guitar and the steel (?) guitar. Delicately beautiful. Free download.


Ambient new entrants to the Melbourne indie-pop scene, Stonefox, have just released its emotional new single “Heart” at The Northcote Social Club. “Heart” is built from the ethereal female vocals, a folk-style rhythm track, lush harmonies and clean lead lines that are reminiscent of The XX’s reverb drenched guitars. “If the wind blew left and you ran right, even your pounding heart wouldn’t stop the fright of your legs giving way, at the end of the race,” sings Jenna Russo. The emergence of heart throbbing bass pedals, electronic samples and deep synth notes provide the essence of growing electronica that bursts from the outro in ‘Asgeir’ fashion. When the simple track opens up to an infectious ‘London Grammar’ style riff, the song is rich with organic and electronic textures that counterpart it’s delicate opening. After Stonefox self produced its intimate debut “All I Want” at the tender age of eighteen years old, the young Melbourne trio received international praise for its charming emotional honesty and mastery of simplistic production. 

New single from Stonefox – ‘Heart’
(Made live 17/10/14)


The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living

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The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living, according to Cicero. It is how we continue the endless journey. The Day I Die should therefore include both regret and hope. And that’s how it is with the new deep house remix package from Lopez on Electronic Anarchy.

The Funf Telle Wodka mix has smooth deep house with both a sombre undertow and uplifting synths. Gio Star turns The Day I Die into an uplifting trance-like meditation on rebirth and a prayer to the sky. David Burster makes full use of the vocals from the original to focus on hope and exhilaration in a trance house explosion. The S5E takes the track softly into an electro direction but with a dub element from the repeated bass chords. The package ends with Dennis Herrezeel’s bass heavy offering. This is the most leftfield of the mixes, with backwards masking and even glitching, making you stop and contemplate the meaning of it all.


Lost In A Waveform

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This track proves that sometimes the kitchen sink approach can work. Vocal indie house fom Kev La Kat for free download.

Of Lost in a Waveform Kev says “I have tried to include every instrument that I own in this piece; with my trusty bass guitar, 6 string, King Piano, Rhodes, Electro- Acoustic Drums, Drum machine Samples, Synth Vsts, Acoustic piano and vocals.” You’d have thought that was a recipe for a sludgy mess. But it’s been more carefully put together than that. It mixes a fiery funk attitude with some indie house to give a cute little jump around the kitchen track. I’m sold on it.

Download the full Ep here -> love-our-records.bandcamp.com/album/ep-no-222

Kev La Kat on Soundcloud -> soundcloud.com/kevlakat

Kev La Kat on Facebook -> www.facebook.com/KevLaKat



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