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It’s a Bank Holiday here and, with the hope of some sun, some summery piano house from Nu Era.

This is on Four40 Records, who tend to specialise in garage and UK bass tunes which I find a bit hit and miss for my tastes. But this new release from Nu Era are definitely a hit. This is garage house with a deep bass but crucially topped off with plenty of house piano that has summer sun writ large. The original mix of Give It All has a classic female sample of the title, some skippy garage beats and some fabulous house piano chords. A definite kitchen dancer. Goes well with some Finca San Francisco from Columbia which also has a light fruity flavour. There’s a Bass Mix of the tune which takes it in a UK Bass direction (obviously) but without damaging the tune. I would attempt that low wriggling bottom dancing thing that the young people do but I fear I may put my back out.

There are two other tunes. Source is a bit more UK Bass and a lesser tune for it. Came Into My Life has one of those auto tune hell vocals which spoils what would otherwise be fine summeriness. You should check this release out, for the cracking title track, if nothing else.

Released – 14th April 2014 (Four40 Records)

Nu Era are back this time with ‘Give It All’ an addictive new single which will shine through to the summer months. The package also comes with a bass heavy mix of ‘Give It All’ and 2 additional originals ‘Came Into My Life’ and ‘Source’.

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Groove Armada – At The River (Eat More Cake Remix)

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A bit of a repost, since we had the youtube of this track a few days back. But it’s now on soundcloud with a free download, so I thought it merited drawing to your attention. A toughened up version of the original Groove Armada track.

The original track went for dreamy and was loved by many. But I always found it a bit drippy and that bloody trumpet rather annoying. Eat More Cake have read my mind by producing a remix that gives the original some much needed backbone. There are proper dance beats and the main hook has been given a renewed sense of vigour that provides a whoosh of space disco. Free download via facebook.

Free download:…_220150904689418

Eat More Cake take this downtempo classic into new darker territory. This particular river is grittier, dancier and altogether a bit more threatening, as though instead of a mountain spring on top of a misty, snow-capped peak, it is fed directly from the back door of the club picking up all those hazy, hands-in-the-air vibes along the way.


80s synths a go go

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Automatic Android is back with the title track of his new four song EP, Future Eyes. This is 80s synth-based cosmic disco. Free download.

That which sounded like the future is now inescapably part of the 80s past. But he still does this sort of thing so well. Always reminds me of Eddie Murphy movies. Not always a bad thing.

Blurb: Android Automatic’s debut EP, Future Eyes, is packed full of retro-influenced tunes, taking the listener back in time to a place where John Hughes’ films ruled the silver screen and the Lamborghini Countach was the prime choice for night cruising along the coast.  Even though the artist’s style is heavily 80s influenced, think College, Anoraak, and Electric Youth, Michael Gene adds an element of modern composition, which is sure to please fans of both retro and modern music genres.

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Ben Böhmer – Black Pattern EP

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Nothing too complicated or weird today, just quality Berlin techno. Black Pattern is all drawn out synths, clattering percussion and fierce bass. Lovely.

And there’s a free track to download

Blurb: Our first official release is produced by German musician Ben Böhmer. Ben is a young talent who has a growing reputation as a promising live performer in Berlin. It is clear that Ben’s musical upbringing shines through in his production with the haunting saxophone in Sprich flowing into the driving bass of Black Pattern. We hope that this EP sets the tone for many future releases on Bade Records.

Mastered by Conor Dalton at Calyx Mastering, Berlin.
Artwork by Rafaela Spangenthal

Released by Bade Records (Catalogue No. BADE001)
Distributed by MN2S

Release Date: 05/05/2014

Dr Trippy – Invasion by Osmosis

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This is for anyone who’s been to Glastonbury. Described as Punjabi swamp music, it’s the debut album from Dr Trippy. There’s lots of dub, some Eastern exoticism and lots to move your feet, as if you were at Glasto. Dive in, the music’s great.

Dr Trippy is Martin Corbett, who started playing electronic instruments at 14, when he built his own analogue synthesiser. How is that possible? I had enough trouble with puberty, let alone building anything beyond Lego. During the 1990s, Martin slowly entered the computer age and added digital sampling to his music. Combining Indian vocals, the rhythms and resonance of dub reggae and a battery of synthesisers and effect units, it’s hardly surprising that the dr trippy sound caught the attention of Toby Marks (Banco de Gaia) who persuaded him to play his music outside of a cellar. Dr Trippy first appeared here last summer, when remixing Banco de Gaia’s Apollon, when his psychedelic dub style was already apparent.

What of his debut album? Opener Dr Trippy Meets The Mad Professor sets the tone. Swirling synths blend with dub-style beats and some Eastern vocals to bring a heady stew. Lovely stuff. Granny takes a Trip to Hebden is a harder, more electronic, concoction with Middle Eastern and Ragga vocals. Dancing in the Dhol Queue may be a terrible pun but it’s tablas, brass and phased guitar make for a great West meets East tune. Closer, Welcome to Babylon is a great track (with more than a little Banco de Gaia about it). The dub dominates in a classic skank groove. A sense of fun is sometimes missing from dance music, and this album’s a lot of fun. Try it.

Pre-order (out in mid-May)

Blurb: The debut release by dr trippy is a riot of musical flavours, described by its creator as Punjabi Swamp Music! Sounding like a clash between India and Jamaica at an English festival, the album is underpinned by the rhythms and resonance of dub, awash in Indian vocals and fuelled by a battery of synthesisers and effect units. Add to this several seasons in Goa, live shows at a bevvy of festivals and the tutelage of Banco De Gaia, and you have the perfect ingredients for an ‘Invasion by Osmosis’!

Monday Medley

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A round up of those things that I never quite got round to writing about but want to post before I forget. The mood is mainly relaxed, if not completely chilled.

First, Wicked Habits and Oblivious. Released next week on Beatport, this is from the Dimentique label who brought us the deep house of Koala. The track is less deep house and more chilled house, with a crisp edge.

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Secondly, a new track from wunderkind Tim Engelhardt. Cinema is from a forthcoming release on Freundchen. This is deep, deep house. More bass than usual but the piano keeps everything laid back. More loveliness from Tim.

Thirdly, Black Body and Tomorrow Never Comes. This is a more Balearic influenced tune, with an indie house feel from the guitars. Comes with some wonderfully spurious nonsense in the blurb but is an amazingly trippy tune.

Blurb: A scientific study has taken place exploring the experiential difference between ‘Black Body music’ and ‘other music’. The noticeable difference music lovers and musicians have noticed with ‘Black Body music’ is that it is not only more beautiful and harmonious to the ears, but it also induces a more inward experience that is felt inside the body and along the spine. ‘Other music’ was felt as a more outward and mental experience, and felt at the side of the head, which projected outwards. Audiophiles have also stated ‘Black Body music’ seems to be more spiritual and mathematically consistent with the universe, whereas ‘other music’ can be perceived as unnatural and can ultimately lead to emotional distress, destruction and war.


Rayko – Rebirth LP

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A whole album’s worth of space disco for you from Rayko.

Rayko is from Spain but based in the UK. His album is coming out in May but you can listen to it below. The album is his take on space disco, filtered through a Balearic sensibility. Take opener Balearic Intro. This has a laid back sense of beats, trumpet and guitar but with its mind as much on the beach as the cosmos. Synths abound and there’s a retro sense but not so much that the album feels weighed down by the past, even if some of the guitar work gets perilously close to the Knopfleresque.

The Cave sees the album leave earthly concerns behind and head out into the galaxy. Synths ripple and 80s drums rolls echo but there’s also some acid house feeling inside. Time & Space (Cosmic Club Version) returns to the dance floor with a squelchy bass and a chiming synth hook before it whooshes off again. You can get a free download of Time & Space (Cosmic Club Version) from XLR8R. Nightology could be YMO with its Far Eastern tinged sounds until an unfortunate vocal arrives.

Ruso’s Theme lets the more ambient sounds have a rest and goes for prime synth disco action, complete with 70s vocal and jazz funk bass. Rebirth retreats into the womb with warm ambient sounds and deep calming bass. He Came From Space and Dreamer return refreshed and confident to the vastness of space and a positive attitude. The album closes, appropriately enough, with Goodbye Baby. This finally gives free rein to the fret work and marries it to a great set of galactic beats.

Blurb: UK-based Nang presents Disco’ legend Rayko latest album, due on vinyl and digitally. Nang has been releasing quality Disco since its inception. This spring they are delivering Disco visionary Rayko’’s latest album ‘Rebirth’ which follows Rayko’s latest single, ‘Rusos Theme’ on the Uk-based imprint.

The LP comprises 10 forward thinking disco tracks and it opens with ‘Balearic Intro’, which is a slow tempo moody disco tune, guided by an almost talking guitar solo. The second track ‘The Cave’ is clearly influenced by 80’s synth rock while ‘Time And Space’ is more a deep club focused tune. The fourth cut ‘Nightlogy’ is a perfect example of how Rayko can revitalise dated sounds and give them new shine, adding on top of the tune a soulful vocal. This last cut is on par with ‘Ruso’s Theme’, a more pop oriented track driven by the hypnotic male voice that repeats ““I’’m gonna make you love me’.”, quite a clear mission statement!

The LP’s title track merges acid synth lines with a relentless groove and it’s a strong dancefloor focused track. ‘He Came From The Space’ is an uplifting funky tune, while ‘Dreamer’ i’s a more groovy synth driven tune with a cheeky vibe to it. The last 2 tracks are the perfect ending for the album: ‘Warhammer’ is a slow moody cut while the closing tune ‘Goodbye Baby’ is a proper club track, in which a funky slapped bass line is combined with guitar riffs and a long ethereal pad, it rounds off the release perfectly and feels like the end of the show.

Spain’’s Rayko latest LP ‘Rebirth’ is due for release on the 12th of May: keep your eyes out all Disco heads.


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