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Shoreditch may be gentrified hipster central for London but it’s also the name of a new tune from Madrid’s Skygaze. This is a xylophone bass IDM tune, with crispy electronics vying with bass music below and childlike plinky plonky above. Rather fine free download.

Love Our Records presents a new track by Skygaze.

Skygaze is back in a big way , with a whole LP entitled ‘Endless Harvest’ on a self released Cassette and Bandcamp! Every beat is divine, lush and finely tuned. The one man architect of sound is always building new tracks and this simply could move any party at the right moment.

Check out ‘Endless Harvest’ here -> on Soundcloud

Jim The Poltergeist – Snake on the Ladder

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Jim the Poltergeist aka Jeremy Casanova has released “Snake on the Ladder” for free download in order to promote his forthcoming E.P on Prospective Audio due out on 7th August.

Jeremy brings an intense and joyful experimental sound, drenched with sultry synths and well-pitched vocals. With him being an art student hailing from Paris, you can just feel the creativeness pouring out of his work. With this being his first official release, you can expect a lot more from him in the future…

Review by Lee Sanderson

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No, not 70s disco groovers (of Boogie Nights fame). An actual heatwave. Have to say I don’t remember there being advice to schools when the temp got above 89 degrees, even in the long hot summer of ’76. But the 70s was a decade so brown that perhaps the advice wasn’t required. Meanwhile, some appropriate tuneage. Appropriately enough from Australia. Yesterday, we had Gavin Campbell as part of the production team on 90s prog house classic Treaty. Today, something bang up to date from Gavin. A new single Saboteur.

Gavin says “I’m still very interested in House music, as a DJ and a producer. I know House well, as I’ve DJed for 30 years now. The first song, The Saboteurs is a straight up, vocal piano House, with my 18 year old family friend Evangline, delivering a sassy, youthful song into the mix. It’s a mature, catchy sound, reflecting my DJ style. I have a variety of House tunes ready to go, each different covering different House styles from deep house to techno, just as my DJ career has covered all manner of styles as well.”

This is good time vocal house. A classic sound used on the original mix but a fine one nonetheless. Comes with a bunch of remixes extending the tune into deep house territory. But the one that works really well is the Jordan Burns remix which goes for an ambient trance sound. Not always a genre that’s my cup of tea but brilliantly done here.


Nhima Djatpangarri nhima walangwalang

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Given most of the readership of this blog is from the UK and America, I doubt many are going to recognise the title to this post. It’s from one of the finest prog house records of the early 90s and still the best dance record ever to come from Australia. It’s a line from Yothu Yindi’s Treaty, the dance version of which was produced by Melbourne based DJ/production outfit Filthy Lucre (Gavin Campbell, Robert Goodge, Paul Main). And the Filthy Lucre remix is available as a free download.

I asked Gavin Campbell what he was aiming for. He sais “for Treaty, the first thing that struck me was how well the ancient chant would lend itself to the new House sounds emerging in the early ’90s, such as progressive house, trance and of course there were late ’80s Balearic and tribal sounding tunes already (Papua New Guinea by Future Sound Of London and Jibaro by Electra spring to mind). With these genres in mind, I was fascinated by the concept of what it would be like to experience the actual sound of an Australian Aboriginal corroboree on a modern dance floor, so asked a couple of mates to help me achieve this and Treaty was the result, a hybrid of things, even ’70 funk (we used a sample from Bohannon’s ‘Let’s Start The Dance’ [see below]), it took around four minutes to introduce the ‘sound’ that would support my idea. When the breakdown occurs, it’s just didgeridoo, sticks and a 400 year old traditional chant and a sublime dance floor experience, out of the leftfield. The Australian industry awards named Treaty as the song of 1991, who would’ve thought?”

From sleeve notes to 1992 single: Yothu Yindi (Pronounced yo-’thoo YIN’dee and meaning Child & Mother) are predominantly Yolngu (Aboriginal) band of traditional and contemporary musicians from the remote coastal communities of Northeast Arnhem Land in Australia. They have shared their ground-breaking blend of contemporary rock and indigenous Aboriginal music with audiences throughout the world over the past six years and were the first Aboriginal band to earn a place in the Australian national Top 10 in 1991 [with single "Treaty"]. Yothu Yindi are committed to the idea of preserving the sanctity of their centuries old culture and at the same time preach tolerance and cooperation between cultures “we always want to have balance in our music between Yolngu Aboriginal things and the other. Western contemporary things, so that the two correspond and appreciate one another. We try to create a fusion, an interface from the modern to the traditional, from present to past.” says lead singer Mandawuy Yunupingu [free download]



‘Treaty’ was produced in mid 1990 by Melbourne based DJ/production outfit Filthy Lucre (Gavin Campbell, Robert Goodge, Paul Main) and released as Yothu Yindi/Filthy Lucre on Campbell’s dance label, Razor Records, in February, 1991. The song was available on 12″ and as a ‘cassingle’, in radio, club and dub versions. ‘Treaty’ is the first international club hit from Australia and the first Australian Record Industry Association, certified gold record awarded to an Australian DJ. In mid 1992, ‘Treaty’ reached #6 on the U.S. Billboard Dance Chart, received A.R.I.A. awards for Australian Song Of The Year, Best Australian Single, Best Engineer and Filthy Lucre were nominated for Best Producer. In 2009 ‘Treaty’ was added to the Australian National Film and Sound Archive’s Sounds Of Australia Registry, chosen that year, to represent the 1990′s. The 1989 Yothu Yindi album ‘Tribal Voice’ was re-released in September, 1991 by Mushroom Records, with the addition of the Filthy Lucre version of ‘Treaty’. ‘Tribal Voice’ peaked at #4 on the A.R.I.A. album chart, in early 1992.


Chess is as elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you can find outside an advertising agency

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A bit of sour grapes here. I tried to play chess when I was younger. But I have neither the patience nor the ability to think through multiple moves to be anything other than foolhardy at the game. And its the sort of game that simply seemed to encourage snobbery and an expectation that we should bow down to those who were good at it or were able to bandy around terms such as Sicilian Defence. I was much more impressed by anyone who could do the Cruyff turn. Defend that.

Nevertheless, Irregular Expression has been playing chess and produced Checkmate, a future jazz hip hop tune that is perfect lazing in the sun music. The beats are slow enough to accommodate when it’s this hot. Free download.

Matthias Springer – Music Sounds Better Than War

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Well, most things sound better than war. But this is Matthias Springer’s dub techno offering on the Ukraine situation, with the three tracker including Moscow, Kyiv and Sevastopol.

There’s a bit of Holst’s Planet Suite about it, with opener Moscow taking the place of Mars (God of War) in a track full of crude bass and dystopia. Kyiv is a lighter, swirling track. Perhaps reflecting its place as  a seaside  playground (alongside it’s darker military past), Sevastopol has the most melody and joy. An ambitious EP.

And here’s Springer’s optimistic Our World for free download

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading

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Changing direction is a difficult thing. You’re known for one thing with which you become associated and then you go do something different. That wasn’t what we wanted, they cry. Don’t like you anymore, they sulk. Hurray for something different, say others. Tricky, isn’t it.

This is the tack taken by Attaque. We’ve had quite a lot of his stuff over the years. It’s been a Kitsune, Boys Noize assault of techno, with a heavy electro influence. Essex boy Attaque is gearing up for his debut album. And what does he go and do but produce some indie electronica? Only You opens with a bit of acoustic guitar, almost Simon & Garfunkel before breaking out the whoo whoos of a bit of female vocal. Everything’s indie hazy hippy. Beats eventually come to the party but still leaving a soft focus haze. Well, I wasn’t expecting that. This might make the album rather interesting.

And, if you want a reminder of what he sounded like, here’s Moderate (a misnomer if ever I heard one)

Buy it:
Album pre-order:

The first single taken from Attaque’s debut album ON LY OU

UK/ EU Album release date: 27th October 2014
Germany Album release date: 25th October 2014
Australia Album release date: 24th October 2014

Written and produced by Dominic Gentry
Bad Life Artists 2014


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