La Dolce Luca: Pt3

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Today’s offering from Luca is Soundwall. Of it he says:

Soundwall is, pound-for-pound, the best Italian electronic dance music blog. But it’s in Italian, make of that what you will. Interesting if only for the free download section where one can find some good dance music from up-and-coming Italian producers.

This free download (snippets) ‘s rather fine.

Saturday selection

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Here’s a bunch of stuff, mainly off-kilter or a bit leftfield that never made it to a post earlier in the week.

First, Jake Hart whose That Touch provides ambient singer/songwriter blues in a beautifully woozy way.

Secondly, Player One provides a hip hop production infused with the spirit of brassy funk. Who Am I i’s available in a vocal version but I preferred the funk of the instrumental.

Thirdly, San Francisco’s Qubrik provides the off beat tech house of So Dramatic. This is a great ‘builder’ of a tune that’s unconstrained by conventional genres.

There’s something kind of sad about a cricket ground in autumn.

It’s officially…

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Dunno why that means dub techno. But it does. This is very chilled.


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Ezekeel is the German spelling for Ezekiel, an old testament prophet, whose name means “May God strengthen him.” He’s author of the Book of Ezekiel that reveals prophecies regarding the destruction of Jerusalem, the restoration to the land of Israel and the Millennial Temple visions, or the Third Temple. It’s also a new release by Aksutique (aka Matthias Springer).

This is a track from the forthcoming Fallen Angels EP. It’s full of rippling synths and chilled deep beats. Quite spaced out.


In case the embed hasn’t worked, here’s a lovely free download of Cosmic Bubbles from the Disruption of the Mind album, which is getting the remix treatment for the year end.

“Related to my Album “Disruption of the Mind” there will be a complete Remix Album of it within the next months. Starting with my own Selfreflective Edit of “Cosmic Bubbles” for free download as high quality mp3 file. For WAV Download pls be patient for the official release end of this year on Bandcamp and Beatport.”

Taylor Swift, yes that one

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Rilly. Love this Taylor Swift remix and what it’s done to the vocals and mood. I’m not joking.

Global Soundscapes V1 with a new Slighter track

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There’s a new Slighter track out as part of a new Global Soundscapes compilation.

The new Slighter track – Lost Out There – is an atmospheric, crunchy bit of IDM ambient. A little piano gives it humanity amongst the machine noises and crackles.

The rest of the comp is a varie set of chilled, breaks and prog house tunes. Of these, look out for Wolftek’s lovely ambient drum and bass tune Ancients, and Jarius Miller’s chilled breaks tune Bury Me In Space. A comp of nuggets, rather than consistent quality.

And if you’re after free downloads, try this mix of the tunes on the comp:

Buy on Beatport:
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The first in a new compilation series, Global Soundscapes V1 features the latest top class progressive, chill out and atmospheric music. High quality established artists are joined by the best of the new crew of underground producers. An exclusive selection of these tracks have been featured on a pre-compilation Global Soundscapes promo mix from Chris Sterio & Tim Mills due to be aired on the Source of Gravity Proton Radio late September…check for more details!

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm

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A new Lane 8 tune. Already huge. Out in mid-November.

The quote at the start of this post is from Winston Churchill and I quite like it. But it hardly seems fair to use it in a Lane 8 post, who’s progress has been going from success to success without loss of enthusiasm. When I interviewed him in July I said “This boy’s on the verge of getting really big.” And so it’s proved. This new tune has only been out a couple of days and already has over 125k plays on soundcloud and a premier on Radio 1’s Annie Mac.

This is therefore an almost pointless post. Nonetheless, here goes. Lane 8 has again chosen to work with a vocalist – being Solomon Grey (who?). I always worry that vocalists mean that the track will be full of cheap peaks and a sugary sell out. Lane 8 has again dodged that particular trap but provides something that manages the enviable trick of being familiar enough on first listen to enjoy but with enough depth to enjoy on repeated listens. It’s the use of the underpinning deep bass line that keeps the track grounded. The vocals operate at a higher level but without ever being allowed to dominate. And it avoids the traditional platitude, chorus, platitude cycle. There isn’t even an ecstatic peak until 4 mins in. Clever, very clever. Even a snob like me can’t help but be seduced. Dance floor magic. Again.

If that isn’t enough for you, have a free Lane 8 mixtape to download

Solomon Grey


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