I simply don’t care


Let’s just wallow in 90s dance music with this downloadable mixtape from Joor Nitth. I love the opening with Atlantic Ocean which was a great cheese tune (though I’d never heard this particular mix before). But the inclusion of the Spice Girls stops this being a properly epic mix tape.

An old mixtape I’ve made about 15 years ago, with some classic ’90s house anthems. Free download for personal listening purposes only. Legal rights of each track belong to their respective owners. No copyright violation is intended.

1. Atlantic Ocean – Waterfall (Peter Parker’s Underground Mix) [Buy]
2. Cricco Castelli – No Name [Buy]
3. Ultranaté – Free (Mood II Swing Extended Vocal Mix) [Buy]
4. WamDue Project – King Of My Castle (Roy Malone Kings Mix) [Buy]
5. Doug Willis – Armed & Extremely Douglas (Get Your Own) [Buy]
6. Spice Girls – Stop (David Morales Dub Remix) [Buy]
7. Vicky Sue Robinson – House Of Joy (Roger’s House Of TRS Mix) [Buy]
8. Tori Amos – Professional Widow (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin Mix) [Buy]
9. Heller And Farley Project – Ultra Flava [Buy]
10. Afterego – I Luv This Feelin’ (Club Radio Mix) [Buy]
11. Olive – Miracle (187 Lockdown’s Deep Dub) [Buy]
12. Freil – Hot Inside [Buy]


~ by acidted on March 30, 2014.

7 Responses to “I simply don’t care”

  1. What a mixtape! It’s 20 degrees outside, the sun is shining, I’ve got great music to listen to: everything’s good with the world. Kudos for the inclusion of a Cricco Castelli track. Thanks to all involved.

    • @CTel: this was pleasantly unexpected (although I guessed your possible appreciation towards ’90s house). As for Atlantic Ocean, I’m still fond of their tunes: I own almost every vinyl of them and I had found this double 12″ single with some nice remixes of “Waterfall” which I couldn’t restrain myself buying, back in the time. 🙂

      As for Spice Girls: yeah, pretty bad lapse of style (this is actually their only record I own, haha) BUT tell me that Morales’ treatment isn’t on a whole different plane with respect to the original and, thanks God, it’s completely unrecognizable (a weak excuse, I know). 😛

      @Luca: I’m glad that you like it too (thanks to AcidTed) and I’m even more pleased to learn that you know Cricco Castelli! I used to love this guy’s tunes, and “No Name” is still my favorite. A classy touch of jazz from one of the few Italian DJs I’d save from the scene (I am unpatriotic).

      P.S.: this information belongs to my skeletons in the closet but track 10 is actually one of my earlier productions (and one of the few I’ve got printed on vinyl) before I’ve left the scene for a while. Shh, don’t tell anyone!

      • Joor, so you’re Italian after all! I had the idea when you replied to a comment of mine in perfect Italian, but still I thought it was too much of a coincidence.. and now will an occasional reader believe that we don’t actually know each other?
        I first heard Cricco Castelli’s “Life Is Changing” in a Tom Middleton Mixmag covermount CD and it was easily the best track on it: unfortunately in those days I was studying in order to become a teacher and a lawyer and I wasn’t making any money, so I wasn’t able to investigate further.
        I’m afraid today was the first time I’ve listened to your Afterego track, but the name sounds familiar: thankfully I forbade my wife to throw my old Discoid copies away so I’m going to dig them out: let’s see if I find out more..

      • Hehe, I thought you had already guessed I’m Italian (although living abroad since 2009) since I also gave you another hint here. 😉

        As for my early track: trust me, there’s nothing interesting to look for. I used to work on a few local recording studios mostly helping with internal productions and record labels have always been my beast of burden because of their harassing agreements, that’s why I’m now distributing my “music” for free: to unchain music from corporate slavery. There’s very little trace of my past productions online.

        Discoid, I had almost forgot about it: those memories, thanks Luca! I remember I used to grab a copy every week during my regular visit at the record store! I feel such an old dinosaur…

  2. Breaking news: two old Italian dinosaurs found alive in an English music blog.
    A note for all readers who are not middle-aged Italian dance music fans (or producers, oops..): DISCOID was a dance music free magazine usually found in specialist record stores. A really good source of information, even though the reviews were usually of the I’ll-praise-your-record-you-will-praise-mine variety. Still the legendary DJ Ralf columns/rants are sorely missed.

  3. you two carry on. the rest of us will look on in bemusement

  4. Such a great track! Thanks a lot

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