GNTN – Revolve


German duo GNTN return with a new track. Revolve is more musical goodness. The track is labelled as deep house and house but don’t be fooled (again). This is fine crisp techno. Just out, this is a wonderfully confident track. Perfect for the dance floor.

And a remix


Blurb: German’s upcoming techno duo GNTN make their debut on London based label & event series FAMILIA. The original track “Revolve” serves as a brand new addition to the label’s catalogue, which has seen faces like Roberto Capuano, Fabio Ferro and many more before. Likewise the Spanish producer Alberto Ruiz, gives his personal touch to his remix of “Revolve”, to complete the package.

Fresh off the back of their last releases “Plexus”, “Sphere” and their remix for berlin based DJ / Producer Rockaforte, the boys of GNTN have once again proved their ability to provide consistent, state-of-the-art productions with their signature sound on it.


~ by acidted on December 18, 2016.

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  1. Das ist gut.

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