Let’s hunker down with chilled hip hop from: KAMI, GOSON, and Wizard Death #Chill #StudyBeats #HipHop

Storm Ellen approaches. The skies are dark and the wind is whipping up. I’m going to hunker down, clutch my coffee for reassurance and have some instrumental hip hop chill from KANI, GOSON, and Wizard Death.

KAMI (KamiLe カミ) is probably from Australia but I know no more. Let’s focus on the track, Swans. This is a lovely mix of hip hop beats and classical sounding piano and strings. It is fundamentally built around two chords. It’s harder than you’d imagine as the beats are quite forward in the mix. This doesn’t let you off the crash of emotions. There’s a lovelorn and windswept aching pain of love and despair. KAMI explains that, “I went for a jazzy, romantic vibe in this track. As mentioned by the vocal sample, the message I want to deliver is “you don’t know about real love. if you haven’t been near one.”” Contemplate the pain and promise of love here.

Next we move to Sweden with GOSON. This is a project from Henrik Göranson a Swedish producer, songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist from a small village just outside Gothenburg. He also operates as SOUNDGO & INRELOAD. Stop is his second release. This is hip hop as melodic chill. This is all about encouraging you to stop and cast your cares aside. There’s some gentle hip hop beats, some warming chords and a little guitar to tickle your synapses. A track as rich and comforting as a cup of hot chocolate. Settle down and listen.





And so to Wizard Death. From the US, offers as biog, “25 year old producer Wizard Death makes psychedelic calm music for the soul.” The track is Warpworld. It’s only tangentially associated with hip hop. It’s much more an experimental lofi chill. This has soft chords, anxious insects rubbing mandibles and a forest glade of dappled calm. It’s a lovely track that takes you off into the faery world. Guitars scatter themselves around like petals on the ground. A magic mushroom ride of a tune.





~ by acidted on August 21, 2020.

One Response to “Let’s hunker down with chilled hip hop from: KAMI, GOSON, and Wizard Death #Chill #StudyBeats #HipHop”

  1. sincere thanks for the review. love from wizard death ❤

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